Monday, July 13, 2009

pheobe's birthday party at pop burger/great start to my birthday on the 7 train

misfits twinsies



the gaysians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them.

on the way to sinsin

so happy about my balloon fishy :)

the amazing man who made me and pheobe balloon animals on the train for our bdays <3333333

my very own balloon fish, displayed in my room

canal street with kelsey and camille/tribeca with eric

the YOOJ apartment that eric is housesitting for.

mad expensive spotted kitty.

large apartment

mickey d's ALL DAY

"ill trio" lol

LOVE a jermaine. "im just gonna act like i dont know whats going on." ::strikes pose::


the outcome of our canal streeting.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


basically a bunch of pics of jp covering his face.

the crackden.

aj nagy is a fox.

attempting of those stereotypical blog pics.

my artsy pic of matt daniels.