Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ponies/michael jackson neverland ranch/solvang/san francisco part 1

so the past few days ive been on a road trip from ventura to san francisco. toward the bottom of the post are some solvang pics... weird little danish town. they have bangin pancakes though... called "aebleskivers." on my way to michael jackson's ranch i made some friends... oh and the pic of the guy with the dog was taken on haight street because this asshole kept beating his dog and some brave girl screamed at him until he stopped. she's my idol. anyways not much from san fran yet, but enjoy..

santa barbara

went to santa barbara with my mom and her childhood friend connie, along with connie's daughter, who is also my childhood friend. the highlight of the trip was probably the bicycle built for four!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

paranormal shit/ufo's/government conspiracies

first thing's first, you must watch this.

kinda disturbing. my cousin sherra, her boyfriend and i were up all night last night talking about our views on the government, extra terrestrials, poltergeists, etc and we came across a website called truthed.com that has hours of spellbounding footage of all of the above. i wouldn't watch any of the videos alone but then again, i'm afraid of ladybugs......


went to laguna with sherra and her boyfriend.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


there is something about disneyland that makes me feel so warm and at home that if i could, i would rent out some property on main street usa. my cousin sherra and i truly experienced disneyland in all of its glory today. though i have been visiting anually since i was about three, this trip just seemed more special than the handful of previous ones. it began with a couple of bus rides and a long walk to get there.. 140 bucks later we were in. we followed my man mickey a short distance, he seemed a bit preoccupied today though. we went on several of our favorite rides including star tours (star wars ride), the matahorn (cave ride in a mountain), thunder mountain rollercoaster, pirates of the carribean, and my favorite of all time, space mountain, which they redid a couple years back and it is just that much more awesome. here are some pictures of my cousin and i at the happiest place on earth.

best. place. ever.

family time.