Friday, June 19, 2009

last day in NY before CA!

SO today is my last day in new york for a long time and i wanted to make the best of it. i hung out with my dad (hes not coming to cali with me) and caught up with a few friends.started my day off in flushing queens.
met my pops at this spot, one of his favorite restaurants ever.
i had trouble deciding between the intestine pig blood and the "pock chop."
that's my dad.
he's one of those dads.
went to say goodbye to natalie at diesel soho where she works, she was trying to tell me there arent any photos allowed in the store.
ran into my friend. actually i just met this dude but he is a friend of my friend that i ran into.
will rivera is awesome. yasemin is an old friend of mine.

i <3 will
that bad is worth $2500 and yasemin paid every cent.
at some hookah bar across from TF.

attempting an artsy picture.
yasemin had control of the camera at some points.
best friends since '04.
lol i told yasemin i knew those kids so she took a picture. you can't see but its adrian vega and some other hotties.
on the phone with my mom
after the hookah we walked like 5 blocks and i realized i left my bag at the hookah bar. so re ran back. this is yasemin running.
i got my bag back. this is me out of breath
this woman makes my night every time. she is a 7 train regular and plays "la kukaracha" on her little recorder.... perfectly.... everytime. she's fabulous.

goodbye new york!

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