Tuesday, June 23, 2009


there is something about disneyland that makes me feel so warm and at home that if i could, i would rent out some property on main street usa. my cousin sherra and i truly experienced disneyland in all of its glory today. though i have been visiting anually since i was about three, this trip just seemed more special than the handful of previous ones. it began with a couple of bus rides and a long walk to get there.. 140 bucks later we were in. we followed my man mickey a short distance, he seemed a bit preoccupied today though. we went on several of our favorite rides including star tours (star wars ride), the matahorn (cave ride in a mountain), thunder mountain rollercoaster, pirates of the carribean, and my favorite of all time, space mountain, which they redid a couple years back and it is just that much more awesome. here are some pictures of my cousin and i at the happiest place on earth.

best. place. ever.

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