Thursday, June 18, 2009

tivo: the anti-pants intro.

everyone who is reading this probably knows a lot about me... so i suppose that as an intro, i can list some fun facts about me that you may not already know.

  • i've walked the grand canyon, 14 miles up and 14 miles down, in 120 degree weather.
  • i've been on the largest and fastest rollercoaster at approximately 500 feet tall and 125 mph (at that time it was the dragster in ohio, this may have changed)
  • i've seen 3 out of 7 of the prodigious time telling pendulums in the world.
  • i've lived in spain and learned the language.
  • i paint well, but painting is sometimes a burden on my happiness.
  • i've lived in 3 neighhborhoods in brooklyn (brooklyn heights, park slope, windsor terrace) and 3 boroughs altogether (manhattan, brooklyn, and queens)
  • i was born in NYU hospital, and i am the only person i know who remembers the day i was born.
  • i went to a boarding school in connecticut where i had no free time and manditory sports every day of the week except for sunday.
  • i love to snowboard and i was MVP in volleyball my senior year.
  • i used to go to a decent college and now i transferred to..... BMCC.
  • when i was 6, a middle aged european man put his penis near my face on the train.
  • avocados are my favorite fruit. black and purple are the best colors. rice krispies is the best cereal and frank sinatra has the most soothing voice of all time.
  • other than my mom, dad and brother, i'm not very close with any of my family (they live in tennessee and california)
  • i'm related to a former president of the united states.
  • my great grandmother was the princess of samoa.
  • neither of these relations benefit to me at all.
  • i look to my mother and minnie mouse as my style inspiration.
  • i'm going to be a famous actress someday.
  • meeting julian casablancas was one of the happiest moments of my life.
  • i'm getting bored so i'm going to stop.

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