Thursday, June 18, 2009

definitely not pants.

i was super bored all day today watching tim and eric's awesome show and packing for my trip when i realized, i don't have any shorts. i hate shorts. they are so ugly. why were they invented. they dont even look good on men, or kids. anyways, i cut my leggings up as a shorts alternative.
(topshop shirtdress, norton mcnaughton blazer, bree's belt that im never returning, my AA diy leggings, DRU thrift store wedges)
by the way those of you who know me know that i am in love with the only white kid that works at the supermarket in my neighborhood. anyways i hit on him today and he was shocked.

also, never ever watch the movie "cannibal holocaust." it is illegal in several countries but of course my brother the computer genius had to get ahold of it, and i couldn't help but watch it with him. several real living creatures were actually slaughtered on the set, including a snake, a giant turtle, a pig, and a muskrat. it's super graphic and if you love animals like i do then it's not the film for you. there are also some gruesome scenes that involve cannibalism but they didn't have near the same impact on me as the animal scenes did. the movie was definitely vomit-inducing at points; even the people making the movie vomited on the set (my brother read about this).
anyways, fuck animal cruelty, i'd much rather watch people suffer.

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